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Offering 360 degree illumination Orbis provides a versatile RGB light 

source which can be used 

Individually or wired in custom strings with virtually any spacing


Up to 170 LED units can be 

configured as a continuous string or multiple strings can be wired in formcustom parallel to dimensional 


Orbis Connectors



The LED units are formed from 70mm diameter Acrylic globes which have a unique internal electronic 

assembly which orients LEDs in six directions for even illumination across the surface


If the number of globes in a string is low the cable between globes can be very fine (<1mm) to give an impression of light sources suspended in space

Main features

 • 70mm diameter white Acrylic globe


 • Available as single colour or RGB


 • Super smooth fading with linear LED current control      (not PWM)


 • Up to 170 LED units controlled from a single power      unit


 • Polarity insensitive


 • Protection included to prevent failure of a single 

    LED unit compromising the whole system


 • Designed and manufactured in the UK

DFS3000 LED unit with clear, diffused or smoked low profile cover

Power unit

RM200 and RM500 power units provide the DC supply and combined power and data to control lamps or LED units


The power units accept DMX data converting this to the special combined power and data format 


Power units have DMX record capability for standalone operation


They can also be programmed using Glasson Electronics' show creation software


As with all Glasson Electronics products power units are designed and manufactured in-house

 • Protected from lamp wiring faults

 • DMX data input

 • DMX record/playback facility

 • Universal 90/264VAC input

 • Power consumption 260W (RM200) 600W (RM500) max 

 • Comprehensive self diagnostic system


 • 100M max festoon cable length

 • Size 246 x 200 x 75mm (RM200) 230 x 300 x 75mm (RM500)


 • Weight 2.4Kg (RM200) 3.2Kg (RM500)


 • 40C maximum operating temperature 

Handheld programmer

A commissioning and maintenance tool, the hand programmer facilitates quick programming of an LED / Lamp holder units address


For DFS1000 and 3000 the LED unit is briefly attached to the hand programmer to set the address


For DFS200 the lamp holder is temporarily inserted into the lamp socket in  place of the lamp


For Orbis, Praeclarus and DFS4000 a different version programs the LED unit address using a short range infra red link


The hand programmer can also read an LED units address and invoke an LED test


Programming typically takes 4 seconds

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