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Conduit LED


Comprising an aluminium structure Conduit LED is an attractive versatile light source. Each unit integrates Single colour, RGB, RGBW or blue / white LEDs


The LEDs are combined with control electronics to form a compact high output light unit which is compatible with metal and plastic 20mm conduit fittings


An optional adjustable eyelid makes the system ideal for stair / floor way lighting

Conduit LED
Conduit LED
Conduit LED
Conduit LED



The system uses our combined power and data technology to control up to 200 LED units on a single standard two conductor cable. Each LED unit is individually controllable despite being on the same cable


A special blue and white version is also available which has high intensity white coupled with lower intensity blue both of which are individually controllable making the system ideal for stage backlighting


The system is manufactured from aluminium with a robust polycarbonate diffuser and an optional stainless steel eye lid to direct light to a specified area


The system has a safety option which switches all LED units on in the event of a non maintained power supply failure

Glasson Electronics Calesco 2 Compressed
Glasson Electronics Conduit LED Eye Lid

Main features

Main features

  • Single colour, RGB, RGBW or blue / white

  • Simple two wire system

  • Fuse resistor included to prevent failure of a single unit compromising the whole system

  • Unit address set using infrared hand programmer

  • Weight without cowl 40g

  • Weight with cowl 48g

Glasson Electronics conduit LED internal

Power unit

  • Control of up to 200 single colour Conduit LED units (100 RGB or RGBW)

  • Protected from lamp wiring faults

  • DMX data input with standard 1-4 channels per LED unit

  • Optional DMX control byte to place power unit into low power standby

  • DMX record facility with 30 minutes play time

  • Safety option with 230VAC failure detection to switch all LED units on

  • 85-265VAC input

  • Power consumption 250W max

  • Comprehensive self diagnostic system

  • Low Output voltage within SELV limit

  • 100M max cable length

  • Compact unit measuring just 246 x 200 x 75mm

  • Weight 2.4Kg

  • Max operating Temperature 40C

Handheld programmer

Handheld programmer

This is an easy to use tool which communicates to the LED units using a short range infra red link to program or read the LED unit address

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