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Calesco LED units comprise a robust Acrylic globe and a polished brass or chrome robust filament support structure which is highly reflective enhancing the light effect

The system offers a strong product which is suitable for static and touring applications


A unique option of Calesco is a ring of RGB LEDs around the base which can be used to add a tint of colour to the Filament light or to fade from a traditional lamp effect to something more surreal or even sinister

The LEDs are driven with true linear variable current, not PWM, making the system ideal for use in studios and situations where cameras are present. There are three intensities each has super smooth dimming

Glasson Electronics Calesco Red 2
Glasson Electronics Calesco Dim


Manufactured in the UK, Calesco adds a high brightness filament LED system to the digital festoon range.  The warm white filaments create a wonderful 'tungsten like' effect to create stunning lighting displays with a very simple installation strategy

Externally Calesco LED units are identical to standard ES fitting bulbs. Internally they incorporate special microprocessor controlled circuitry to decode our advanced combined power and data technology and control high intensity filaments


Up to 100 LED units can be connected on a single two conductor cable. Each LED unit is independently controllable despite being on the same cable. The system is not polarity sensitive so LEDs can connect either way around greatly simplifying installation

Main features

  • Light output equivalent to 40W incandescent

  • IP66 rating for long term outdoor environmental protection

  • Robust Acrylic globe

  • Strong filament support structure

  • 4 x 75V high intensity warm white LED filaments

  • Polarity insensitive – connects to the cable either way around

  • Option for 18 RGB LEDs around the base for full RGBW

  • Linear current control (not PWM) for excellent flicker free colours when viewed with a video camera

  • Each lamp has a unique address which is user programmed using the hand programmer described below. This can be reprogrammed thousands of times

  • Internal fuse resistor to prevent a single LED unit failure compromising the whole system

  • Standard ES E27 lamp fitting

  • Strong shatterproof moulding

  • Dimension - Diameter 70mm, Length 108mm

  • Weight 80g

  • Wide drive voltage range – 74-84V

  • Current 60mA

  • Wattage = 5.0W

Glasson Electronics Calesco 2 Compressed

Power unit

The Calesco power unit accepts DMX data and converts this to our unique combined power and data system to individually control up to 100 Calesco LED units on a single two conductor standard cable


The output voltage is 82V however this is organised as + 41V and -41V relative to earth minimising electric shock risk


It should be noted however that touching both output terminals represents a serious electric shock risk and installation must take this into account

  • Control of up to 100 Calesco LED units

  • Protected from lamp wiring faults

  • DMX data input with standard 1 channel per
    LED unit or 4 channels for RGBW

  • Optional DMX control byte to place power
    unit into low power standby


  • 85-264VAC input

  • Power consumption 550W max

  • Comprehensive self diagnostic system

  • Output voltage  82V. ( +/- 41V)

  • 100M max festoon cable length

  • Size - 260 x 308 x 66mm

  • Weight 5.0Kg

  • Max operating Temperature 40C

Handheld programmer

The hand programmer connects to Calesco LED units through the normal E27 lamp contacts


Once connected, the hand programmer can program or read the lamp address


A lamps address can be reprogrammed thousands of times

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