Well   known   throughout   the   theatre,   event and   concert   industries,   DFS3000   is   a   high performance   versatile   light   source.   Using a   simple   two   conductor   wiring   strategy with   a   standard   E27   lamp   base   up   to   170 RGB    or    120    RGBW    LED    units    can    be individually     controlled     from     a     single power   unit.   The   system   has   recently   been upgraded    with    a    new    advanced    data system,   improved   dimming   and   a      super hi intensity version.  (Click picture for more)
Using   the   same   combined   power   and   data system,    Orbis    offers    custom    strings    of 360   degree   illuminated   RGB   LED   globes.     Globes   can   spaced   apart   at   any   distance. Single     globes     or     strings     with     fewer globes   can   be   suspended   on   extremely fine    cable    (1mm    diameter)    creating    an impression   of   lights   suspended   in   space. Strings    can    be    wired    in    a    chain    or multiple   strings   can   be   wired   in   parallel to create 3D shapes of light. (Click picture for more)
Creating     a     beautiful     traditional     effect DFS200   uses   5-15W   incandescent   lamps combined    with    intelligent    lamp    holders. The   system   facilitates   individual   control of   up   to   100   lamps   on   a   common   standard two     conductor     cable.     Lamp     holders connect      to      the      common      cable      by insulation   displacement   so   no   tools   are required for installation.    DFS200   intelligent   lamp   holders   can   also be     supplied     in     a     pelmet     format     for suspension of individual lamps. (Click picture for more)
Creating    fabulous    3D    shapes    of    light Praeclarus   is   a   versatile   LED   based   light source     combined     with     either     XY     or parallel      support      wires.      For      many applications    the    support    cables    can    be very   fine   giving   an   impression   of   lights suspended   in   space.      LED   unit   just   clip onto      the      support      cable      simplifying installation         and         allowing         easy adjustments to LED unit position. (Click picture for more)
The    single    colour    version    of    DFS3000, DFS1000   is   the   lowest   cost   product   in   the range.    Up    to    200    LED    units    can    be controlled   from   a   single   power   unit   all   on a   common   cable.   Now   improved   with   a super   hi   intensity   version   and   improved dimming. (Click picture for more)
DFS4000      has      been      completely      re designed    to    realise    a    compact    RGB    or RGBW     LED     light     source     for     surface mounted   applications.   DFS4000   LED   units are   wired   in   chains   with   a   small   profile two   conductor   cable   which   can   be   run along    the    surface    or    looped    through    a supporting     surface     making     the     cable invisible.    A    diffused,    smoked    or    clear cover   can   be   fitted   to   enhance   the   units appearance. (Click picture for more)