Formed   in   1997,   Glasson   Electronics   developed   the   first   commercial   combined power   and   data   lighting   system   with   DFS200.   Since   then   we   have   continuously improved    and    expanded    the    product    range.    With    our    in    house    design    and manufacturing    facility    we    maintain    a    high    standard    of    product    quality    and design.  Our   systems   have   found   applications   ranging   from   shop   window   displays   to Christmas lighting and from Rock concerts to the Royal Ballet! With    our    products    the    key    word    is    simplicity.    Combined    power    and    data technology    makes    possible    large    scale    coordinated    lighting    displays    which would be impractical using conventional techniques. Latest   improvements   include   dramatically   enhanced   dimming   across   all   the   LED products.   DFS4000   has   been   completely   re   designed.      New   products   include Conduit   LED   and   a   new   high   power   110/   230V   system.   Web   pages   will   be   added soon. As   all   design   and   manufacturing   is   undertaken   in   house   we   are   very   well   placed to   create   custom   lighting   products   so   please   give   give   us   a   call   to   discuss   any requirements.